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3 Simple Steps to Selling Your Home Fast


Just Call And Give Us A Few Details About The Property In Question And Your Situation.


One Of Our Experts Will Visit Your Property And Do A Professional Valuation Of It In As-Is Condition


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Do You Want to Sell Your House Fast in Katy?

If you’re in a situation where you need to sell a home quickly, you’re in good company. For various reasons, other Katy homeowners are also looking for a quick home sale, and we are here to help.

The urgency of a fast home sale sometimes arises from positive events. An unexpected job offer in another location or the opportunity to buy a different home are two examples of such events.

More often, though, the need to sell a home fast is about other less-happy circumstances—divorce, job loss, or impending foreclosure.

Regardless of the catalyst, selling a home is a project. The demands of this project are stressful even if you’re selling for a great reason. If you’re in a tough situation, the demands of the project can be overwhelming. Keep reading, because there is hope.

The Typical Strategy When Selling a Home

When selling a home in Katy, most people turn to a real estate agent to help them with the process. This professional, also called a realtor, is hired because of his or her sales tools, knowledge of the market, and experience selling other homes. No money is paid up front; the realtor gets a cut of the profit at closing.

Under your realtor’s guidance, you will make repairs and upgrades to prep your home for sale. You’ll clean the house thoroughly and de-clutter it for showings. You’ll vacate the house when the realtor brings prospective buyers to see it. You’ll schedule inspections and address issues that inspections reveal. You’ll entertain offers and make counteroffers with the help of your realtor. Eventually, you’ll end up at the closing table, hopefully with a profit, after you’ve paid the realtor.

This is the customary home sales process when speed is not of the essence.

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Monday to Saturday 24 hours

When Speed is Critical: “I Need to Sell My House Fast”

As we acknowledged above, sometimes time is not on the homeowner’s side, and a rapid sale is very important. If you’re saying, “I need to sell my house fast,” consider this strategy: sell your property to a Katy investor.

What’s an investor? An investor is a company that buys homes in as-is condition without requiring repairs or upgrades or improvements. Typically, home buyers like these do not require inspections and can complete a sale within days.

Sell My House Houston Pros (SMHHP) is a home-buying investor based in Houston and serving the surrounding cities including Katy.


Who is SMHHP? We’re a company with over ten years of experience in Houston area real estate. Our focus is on property purchases from homeowners seeking expedited sales.

We have over $26 million worth of property transactions under our belt, and with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and our solid reputation, we stand out among local house buyers as a leader in our industry sector.

Do you want to sell your Katy home quickly? Just call us. Or, if you’d rather, fill out our online form requesting a quote. We’ll be back within 24 hours with a no-pressure, no-obligation offer on your home.

You can count on us for courteous, fair, and honest service.

Katy possesses that great advantage of having small-town charm but still big city convenience due to its convenient location just outside of Downtown Houston within the Houston-Woodlands-Katy-Sugar metropolitan area. Katy has a small population of about 14,000 people with a sprawling city area that gives homeowners plenty of space for enjoying their land.

Before it was called Katy, this area was referred to as “Cane Island” due to the small creek running through the city. This river contains cane,

which is a plant that is not native to the region and instead was planted to help with fur trapping during the early 19th century. The town did not start to be called Katy until 1896, which was a derivative coming from the MTK Railroad Company that was often referred to as KT.

Like most of the other surrounding towns in the area now called Houston, Katy was a city named after a company, with most of the population working for the business. The town had seen considerable growth by the early 190s and primary exported rice, corn, peanuts, and cotton. Katy went on to mainly become known for its rice farming. Today there are still rice driers standing as landmarks of days gone by.

In 1900 the Great Galveston Hurricane destroyed the area. Most of the town was devastated and had to be completely rebuilt from scratch. Following that, it prospered and was incorporated in 1945 as a city. The city, in recent years, has won national awards for its sustainability and growth, and for its rapid growth was named one of the “9 from 2009.”

When the greater Katy area is considered, the population includes up to 270,000 individuals. Many of these people work within the energy sector. BP America headquarters are in the area, Igloo Corporation is headquartered just outside of Katy, and there is a 1 million-square-foot Amazon distribution center.

Learn more about selling your house to us today by contacting one of our helpful representatives.