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Just Call And Give Us A Few Details About The Property In Question And Your Situation.


One Of Our Experts Will Visit Your Property And Do A Professional Valuation Of It In As-Is Condition


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Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast in Pasadena?

Why You Might Need to Sell

If you have a home in Pasadena that you need to sell quickly, it may surprise you to know that many other homeowners are in a similar place. Their situations may be a little different from yours, but the bottom line is that they also need to sell their homes rapidly.

Needing to sell a home fast isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes homeowners have to sell quickly because of a great job offer in another city, or sometimes the purchase of a dream home is contingent on selling their current house.

However, your need to get rid of your house quickly might be due to less desirable circumstances like divorce, getting laid off from a job, or having a hard time keeping up with mortgage payments.

Whether it’s for better or for worse, trying to sell a home quickly can be stressful. It seems like there are countless small details to attend to, and the longer you own the house, the more the stress builds up.

Selling a Home the Traditional Way

The customary way to sell a house is by hiring a real estate agent. These professionals guide homeowners through the sales process, giving advice and direction based on their experience and knowledge.

Generally speaking, a realtor will come on board shortly after the homeowner decides to sell.


Hours Of Operation
Monday to Saturday 24 hours

They give advice on myriad issues, including preparing a home for listing, setting the asking price based on the housing market, getting the home listed, showing it, taking offers, negotiating, preparing contracts, and accompanying homeowners to the closing table.

Each of these issues requires time, input, or money from the homeowner.

How to Proceed When You Say, “I’ve Got to Sell My House Fast!”

For homeowners in Pasadena, there’s another option that allows you to sell your home without a realtor and avoid the common headaches that come with home selling.

If you need to sell your property rapidly, consider selling to a Pasadena investor like SMHHP.

Selling to an investor means circumventing all the hassles that accompany the traditional home sale process. These home buyers purchase homes as-is—no repairs or inspections are necessary, and no obstacles stand between you and the closing table.

Why Sell to SMHHP?

SMHHP is a home investor in Pasadena. We have been in the Houston-area home-buying business for more than a decade. We have paid cash and closed fast on over $26 million worth of property, helping hundreds of homeowners sell their houses easily.

SMHHP has purchased properties in every condition and helped customers in all situations. We are known among Pasadena house buyers for our respectful, honest, and fair business practices.

If you’re ready to sell your house, give us a call today to get some more information. Or if you’re rather, click “Get a Cash Offer Today” to give us your information online. We always respond within 24 hours with an offer on your home.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and we hope you’ll be our next one!

California is probably the first place that someone thinks of whenever Pasadena is mentioned. Many years ago in 1893, Pasadena was founded in Texas, and in 1923, it finally became officially incorporated.

The city is found near Houston and is known for its motto, which focuses on the economic growth of the city as well as its age. It was recorded in 2010 that the population of Pasadena was near 150,000, and it’s a good chance that the population has grown far beyond this.

In Harris County, Pasadena is the second largest city, but in Texas itself, it’s the city that’s ranked 17th in terms of the most populated.

The city was named because of its vegetation and visual greatness by John H. Burnett. There are a lot of oil refineries and fields in Pasadena because of how rich the land is with oil. The founding of these fields and refineries resulted in more job seekers moving to Pasadena.

A reduction on employment based on energy and oil happened around the 1950s when the Johnson Space Center was created. Crops like strawberries were often grown on the land before oil was discovered on it. This made Pasadena a major fruit exporter.  Because of this, Pasadena is made of a population of mostly working class people, 60% of which are Hispanic. Other cities that are close by don’t have a Hispanic population as large as this.

Pasadena residents make a median income of about $38,522 according to the U.S. Census held in 2010. On average, Houston has a larger median income than this. In terms of residents who are under the poverty line, 13.2% of families sadly fall under this category. A little over 20% of those who are younger than 18 fall in this range.

If you have a Pasadena home that you want to sell, we can buy it from you. Click here for more information on how it can be done.