Fort Bend County Gov, Houston

Founded in 1837 and organized in 1838, Fort Bend is a county in the U.S. state of Texas. The county spans a total of 875 square miles and is the wealthiest in Texas. As of 2015, it had a median family income of $105,944 and a median family income of $95,389.

The seat of Fort Bend County Gov. is Richmond. The government is made up of four county commissioners. Each commissioner represents a precinct drawn decennially based on population.

There’s also a county judge who represents the whole county. Other officials that help ensure the smooth running of Fort Bend County Government include a district attorney, sheriff, country clerk, tax assessor-collector, county treasurer, county attorney, and district clerk.

The county boasts a diverse economy, with plenty of service-sector jobs in energy, healthcare, hospitality, education, and other industries. Major corporations that operate in the county include Minute Maid, Fluor, and Schlumberger. In fact, Fort Bend County Gov. strives to make the county the most business-friendly destination in Texas by setting up policies and procedures to effectively capitalize on the resources available.

When it comes to natural resources, Fort Bend County boasts about 11 square miles of water in small lakes, creeks, and rivers. The county is drained mainly by the San Bernard and Brazos Rivers. It also has rich soils that contribute to a flourishing agriculture sector.

Also worthy of note is that residents of Fort Bend County can relax and have fun at three community centers, five county-owned parks, and three leased parks. 

The parks include:

  • Bates M. Allen Park
  • Four Corners Park
  • Barbara Jordan Park
  • Harlem Road Park
  • Mission West Park
  • Jones Creek Ranch Park
  • Freedom Park
  • Kitty Hollow Park
  • Coon Creek Park
  • South Post Oak Youth Association Park

The community centers include:

  • 5th Street Community Center
  • Mustang Community Center
  • Four Corners Community Center

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