George Ranch, Houston

George Ranch Historical Park is located on a 20,000-acre operational ranch about 30 miles southeast of Houston city. The park showcases Texas history spanning over a century through the eyes of four generations of one family. It features historic homes, livestock, and costumed interpreters.

At the park, visitors can take a tour of the Jones Stock Farm, established in the 1830s. The home to Henry and Nancy Jones, the Jones Stock Farm is one of the ancient Southeast Spanish Texas settlements. Featuring gardens, outdoor kitchens, barns, and a log cabin, the homestead brings to life the old tales of Texas.

Visitors can also watch the cowboys working livestock in the front pens.  It’s fascinating to watch the cowboys select, rope, brand, and then drive the cattle through the chute of the few dipping vats that can still be found in the U.S.

Another place worth visiting is the Ryon Prairie Home, established in the 1860s. Here, the visitors can get a feel of what life was like in Texas just after the civil war. The homestead of Polly Ryon and her spouse William presents the tale of the second generation.

Visitors also have an opportunity to learn about the final years of the 19th century by visiting the 1890s Davis Victorian Complex. This mansion tells the story of the family’s third generation. The tour of the complex can’t be complete without a visit to the operational blacksmith shop and sharecropper farm.

To listen to the tale of the family’s fourth generation, visitors have to take a tour of the 1930s George Home and Cattle Complex. This was the home to A.P. and Mamie George, the last descendants of Henry and Nancy Jones to manage the George Ranch.

George Ranch is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Admission is free for kids aged 3 and below as well as members of the Fort Bend History Association.

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