We concentrate on our local service area and community, however the reality is that we purchase properties anywhere in America. Allow our property purchasing team to help you sell your house fast, irrespective of its’ condition, location or what your mortgage situation is.

Remember that we do not work as agents. We are professional, self-funded house buyers. This means that we can make you an offer without delay. After we make an offer to you, you do not need to make an immediate decision. Spend some time shopping around, then consult, compare and speak with other people, and do some thinking of your own. We will not pressure you.

Can I stop or avoid a foreclosure by selling my house?

In many instances, selling your home is an effective way of avoiding a foreclosure. The foreclosure process stops, once you find a buyer for your house, and it may allow you to improve your credit score too. If you would like further details about doing this, download our complimentary cheatsheet about ‘How to Prevent Foreclosure.’

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