Holocaust Museum, Houston

As the 21st century moves closer to 2038 and further away from 1938, it becomes increasingly important to remember the Holocaust.

With the constant dissemination of misleading facts and fake news, it is also vital to forever preserve the memories of the people who lived through and survived the Holocaust. The Holocaust Museum in Houston is a deeply emotive yet historically factual account of the events that occurred in Europe during the Second World War.

The Holocaust Museum Houston offers tours, lectures, and additional Holocaust-related programs. In addition to these informational and dramatic narratives, the museum puts on a range of compelling temporary and permanent visual exhibitions. Although the HMH is currently housed in a temporary location while the new Holocaust Museum is built, the hours of operation are the same, and all exhibits remain available to everyone who wishes to visit.

In the words of the HMH, the museum “commemorates the Holocaust history, and from darkness will come light.” It focuses on the message of coexistence, alongside the necessity of never forgetting the past to make a better future. No one who visits can remain untouched by the echoes of that dark past upon the world today. By remembering those events, everyone who looks and listens gives another voice to the millions who experienced the nadir of thought and reason.

A visit to the Holocaust Museum Houston isn’t only meant to be about the bleak past, however. It is a triumph of the indomitable spirit—those who refused to accept that evil would win. The experience of being uplifted and heartened by the survival of good is an exhilarating one. The educational programs offered at the HMH are part of the personal stories told by the survivors of that horrific time and place in history.

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