Levy Park, Houston

A visit to Houston’s Levy Park is like climbing over a neighbor’s backyard fence and finding that you have discovered a world of fun activities—and doggy heaven.

First, there’s the gorgeous park itself. It’s no wonder that Houstonites from near and far come by here to play on the equipment and saunter among the trees. It’s a vibrant, cleverly laid-out area that makes excellent use of space and light.

Levy Park is also an interactive public locale that encourages both adult and child attendance by focusing on varied activities that will appeal to the widest audience. Children can play their own version of Bingo, popular exercise classes are held throughout the day, and yoga in the evenings is the high point of many an office worker’s busy schedule. If you say the magic words “Levy Park” to any child, they will immediately drop what they’re doing and run to hop into the car. Climbing a mock-rock face and clambering on a space-age jungle gym preferable to any hand-held device!

And as for the furry members of the family, dogs find the park’s grassy expanses in the small and large dog park areas very conducive to playing fetch and chasing other pooches around. The Levy Park Conservancy takes the care and safety of your furry babies very seriously. They hold Microchip your Dog Days, and your pet can sniff the flower beds to their heart’s content…as long as they don’t dig.

The Children’s Park is equally fun. Situated adjacent to the Rain Garden and sandwiched on either side by the Activity and Event Lawns, the equipment contained within it is an active kid’s dream come true. For those visitors with a more sedate visit in mind, there is free Wi-Fi, a reading room, and Art and Games carts.

And be sure to visit often, as Levy Park is still developing some of its amenities; a restaurant and community garden are coming soon.

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