Lone Star Flight Museum, Houston

The Lone Star Flight Museum: You would struggle to find a more evocative name.

The LSFM on Aerospace Avenue is the standard bearer of aviation success in the United States of America today. Here you can discover the driving forces behind every skyward-headed aeronautic launch in the history of humankind.

The Lone Star Flight Museum is bisected into two separate areas of interest:

  • The interactive history of flight, including the laws of physics that allow it to be possible. Visitors are encouraged to see what it would be like to pilot an aircraft themselves in a simulator.
  • A dedicated plane area, where the aircraft is maintained and can still fly. There is a chance to sit in some of the planes; some lucky visitors can even fly in a B-24 or B-17.

The displays are smartly arranged and easy to read. If you are curious to discover what role a tail or wing play in the design of an aircraft, this is the place to find out. Imagine your next flight, when you can spend a few enjoyable minutes telling your fellow passengers about why planes have those bits of metal sticking up at the end of the wing. That alone is worth the entrance price of $14.95 for adults, $12.95 for teens and seniors, and $9.95 for children (kids under 3 go free).

For a relatively new facility (its previous home was Galveston, pre-hurricane), it has an impressive collection of aircraft on display. The activities and exhibits are aimed to please a wide range of ages; you can always count on something fascinating being available to entertain the younger family members. Aviation fans sum up a visit to the Lone Star Flight Museum as “a bucket list experience.” Be sure to add it to yours!

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