National Museum of Funeral History, Houston

The best thing about Houston’s National Museum of Funeral History is that it’s not morbid or gruesome. It’s an educational experience that explains how funeral ceremonies have been conducted throughout the years. If you have ever been curious about hearses, coffins, and wakes, then this is the place for you to learn more about them in an entertaining way.

Museum visitors frequently remark on how intriguing they found the exhibits and display items. Spending the day at the National Museum of Funeral History might seem to some people as a macabre way to pass the time, but the docents are extremely knowledgeable and can pluck details from their memory about hundreds of different funereal facts. In answer to a question about the Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the docent knew all the stories surrounding these monumental graves.

It is recommended that you set aside at least two or three hours to see the museum if you are visiting. When you walk around the fascinating showcases, you will quickly realize why the NMFH won the 2019 award for Best Museum. It is the ultimate amalgamation between life and what comes after. Locals often get together to attend an event or check out an exhibition. And no National Museum of Funeral History outing would be complete without a stop at the gift shop for a truly unique souvenir or gift.

The admission price for an adult is $10, which is a great value for your money, considering the number of startling exhibition items and commemorative plaques to be seen inside. Everyone who visits the NMFH has one word to describe it: “Cool.” This is not as weird as it sounds, because a lot of thought and research has gone into creating a space that really is compelling and, well…cool.

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