The Sell My House Houston Pros Difference

Sell My House Houston Pros pulls everything about Brant Phillips together into one clean package. Sell my house Houston pros are closely tied with Brant Phillips and are pushing our continued growth to reach even further into the community. We’re all about success, and we can’t succeed without you. We spend our time flipping houses, blogging, coaching, and podcasting. Sell My House Houston Pros provides you with all the information you need to sell your home, or learn from the sell my house Houston pros. Not only do we have a #1 bestselling book on Amazon, we were also recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest growing companies.


About Brant

Co-Founder of Sell My House Houston Pros, Brant is a full-time investor, author, Realtor & speaker. Brant first began in real estate over a decade ago when he began investing in rental properties while working his full-time job.
Brant has purchased, rehabbed, rented and sold hundreds of homes for himself and partners with great success. He also works with new & experienced real estate investors to mentor, coach & support them towards their own Real Estate Investing Success.
Brant is a former police officer who prides himself on integrity and serving others. Most importantly, he is a devoted husband and father of five and he and his wife recently adopted a beautiful new baby.


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Why Choose Us?

If you are going through a hardship such as a job loss, or a recent downturn in life, you might need to sell your home fast. That’s why we’re here. Although we’ve added a lot of other services to our lineup over the past few years, we started out as a real estate investment company and know real estate best. There are many other companies out there that use similar strategies, but our biggest focus is on you. The client.   We value empathy and the teaching experience as part of all of our real estate transactions. There isn’t anyone in this office that had everything handed to them, so we know what it’s like to work for your future. When we buy your home, we strive to serve your needs. Many people find that they need cash for their home quickly. Don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars on real estate agents or wait for weeks with your house on the market. We don’t believe that you have to deal with real estate agents and wait for a good offer to come your way. That’s why we’re always on the lookout without best acquisition agents reaching out to homeowners.

Real Results

Brant Phillips made his fortune and turned his life around on a credit card. Using a credit card to fund his first real estate investment, Brant started the chapter of his life that would lead him to success after success. Although not everyone can go from broke to flipping more than ten houses in a year, everyone can get real results. Real results only come with commitment. We offer:

  •      Private coaching packages
  •      Amazon bestseller books, written by Brant Phillips
  •      Private events
  •      Regular podcasts
  •      And more

There is a lot that we offer when it comes to information. But, the private coaching packages help you engage with the knowledge and make it tangible. Sell My House Houston Pros ensures that you have every opportunity possible to get real results.  We know that results are what counts.

We Are About Involvement

There’s a lot of information available, and we put a lot of information out there as well. But, we know that sometimes you need a little extra push. Whether you’re trying to sell your home quickly or build your wealth through real estate, you can get involved. We host events because we want our potential clients to be a bigger part of the process. From real wealth realtors’ lunch and learn events to networking events there are many chances for you to get involved. Although we mostly take part in theHouston community, we even host some events in Dallas. We’re able to host these events because we’ve structured ourselves to secure that our interests in sharing information can be part of our company.

We Are About Community

Flipping houses started as an investment. But we saw that as quickly as it changed us, it changed the community as well. We know that there is much to learn from helping the Houston community. We personalize our services to cater to your customer care needs. For some, sell my house Houston events are a chance to get their house sold quickly. But, for others, working with us is about self-improvement and continued growth.

Bigger Issues, Bigger Solutions

Sell My House Houston Pros isn’t just part of the community. We’re part of community solutions as well. Brant invites anyone on his email list to all of the movements that we take part in as well as any projects in Houston. This extended hand is a great way to break into the community, even if it’s just sending positive thoughts to families in need. Valuing togetherness will make it easier for everyone in the Houston or Dallas area to improve their community. It is our mission to motivate and inspire people in these communities to have a success story and get involved. We want to help people no matter what step they are on. If someone is just looking to sell their house quickly, we’re happy to make cash offers. If someone wants to improve themselves and needs a step-by-step guide, we’ll help coach you up. If you want to make a big difference in your community, you can come to see what we’re about at any of the community events we’re involved in.

We Invest in You

We don’t just flip houses. It might be easiest to say that we buy and sell houses fast, but it’s more accurate to say that we help homeowners move on. We make fast and fair offers on your home, and then we flip it quickly. Our books have been Amazon Best-Sellers, and our podcast, “The Brant Phillips Show” has a 5-star rating in iTunes. We focus on delivering only top-quality in all aspects of our business. We know that giving back and investing in you means that there are more people involved in improving theHouston housing market. But, there are also more successful people out there, and that is what keeps us working hard to maintain the high standard we’ve set for ourselves.




Hours Of Operation

Monday to Saturday 24 hours