Start Fresh by Selling Your Home Quickly

On average, one in two couples will end their marriage in divorce. If you find yourself going through a divorce and you need to sell the house, you don’t have to wait the long months that it may take just to get an interested buyer.

Instead, contact us at Sell My House Houston Pros. Divorce is not a new situation for us, we’ve worked with hundreds of families all over Houston that are dealing with them. We are able to help them get their homes sold.

We’ll buy your house even if the following apply:

  • Costly damages to the house.
  • You have a rental that you need to sell in the divorce and tenants still reside there.
  • There’s clutter and junk.

We’ll also help beyond just with the home itself. We are staffed with a team of experts who can help you clear up your title and settle conflicts with the soon to be ex.

  • We’ll work with attorneys, banks, and lien holders to give you the best solution.
  • You’ll only work with one agent, guaranteeing good communication and the best cash offer.
  • We specialize in conflict resolution, especially with spouses, family members, and debtors.   

We can work with divorced couples to go over buyout solutions and provide the information you need to make the best choices regarding the home.

  • Mortgage Assistance: If you can’t afford your mortgage, we can help cover your mortgage payments until your house is sold.
  • Court Forced Sale: Even if you didn’t want to sell the house and the court forced it to meet the terms of your divorce, we can help you get a fair amount for the home, so you can start fresh.

At Sell My House Houston Pros, we work hard to get you the best rate for your house without the hassle and stress associated with selling it. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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