Look, selling your home to an investor is never the first option a home seller thinks of. Those who are seeking the fast, simple and safe method of selling a home should always turn to real estate investors looking buy. House buying firms or cash buyers will fit the bill, and will likely facilitate quick closing, an absence of costly realtor commissions and a process that is far more straightforward than it might otherwise be.

Lots of folks realize this, but may be unaware of precisely how they can sell their homes to investors who flip or use the properties as rentals. Thus, too many people ultimately sell through a realtor, causing them to leave lots of money on the table and spend needless amounts of time as well.

How is it actually done?

What is the right way to sell to a real estate investor? The following paragraphs will explain the process.

The first thing to do is get in touch with a real estate investor with whom you are comfortable. Many such individuals can be found on signs posted along the roadside or on the Internet. Actually, just pulling up the first online search results page for keywords such as “sell my house quickly” will likely yield some good prospects.

This method can be tested in order to see just where www.sellmyhoustonhousepros.com appears in the results page. Furthermore, many investors and real estate investment firms utilize social media platforms, so just about anyone can find the people who can help.

After contact has been made, let the investor know more about the property you wish to sell. Discuss its square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the year it was built, its architectural style, reason for the sale and whether major renovations are needed. Then, you can begin to discuss price.

Following this preliminary discussion, if interest is demonstrated by the investor, the next step is to secure a competitive market analysis for the property in question. This is done in order to learn if the house is likely to generate a profit for the investor. Such a process is particularly important for an as-is sale on a house that will need a fair amount of rehabilitation before it can be sold.

Closing the deal

Once it is clear that the sale makes sense for both parties, the real estate investor will plan to walk the house and verify the seller’s claims about its size, condition and the like. This is a critical time in terms of the transaction, because of it becomes obvious that the seller did not disclose relevant facts, renegotiation may need to occur or the deal may collapse altogether.

selling your home to an investor

This is also a good time for an investor to review the house itself and start estimating how much money will be needed for key repairs. Sellers should be patient and accommodating at this stage of the game, because now is the time the buyer will determine if he or she wants to move forward.

Trust and Reputation are Vital

Finally, there are two critical points that should always be nailed down prior to entering into any written agreement with a real estate investor. You must take the time necessary to fully assess the buyer’s reputation as well as his or her ability to bring the deal to a quick close.

Credibility and business reputation can be researched via the Better Business Bureau and similar entities. If a business is not a BBB member and it is difficult to unearth information about its owners, these facts may represent something of a red flag.

It is also advisable to learn whether the investor plans to purchase the home in his or her right or through an employing company or if they intend to “wholesale” the property someone else. In the lion’s share of sales, the latter is the case. However, at Sell My House Houston Pros, any home we place under contract will be purchased by us. In fact, it is not uncommon for our rivals in the real estate sector to approach us to see if we will purchase the properties they have placed under contracts themselves. So, if you are thinking of selling your home to an investor, you may as well get in touch with us first!

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