Selling a House with a Lien

If you’ve received a lien on your home but you need to sell it, you may find that you’ll come across many roadblocks that make it almost impossible to manage by yourself.

In order to sell a home, your title needs to be clear and when a lien has been placed on your property, it suddenly becomes unclear or clouded. Getting this cleared up could set you back several months to several years depending on the lien that you’re working with.

Not to mention all of the expenses and late fees you have to cover tend to build up more the longer that it takes to pay back your debts.

Luckily, at Sell My House Houston Pros, we are fully staffed with experts that can resolve your lien and debt obstacles. It doesn’t matter what your financial history is, we can get your house sold and put that money in your hand.

What Sets Us Apart

We are prepared to handle all forms of liens placed against the property you’re trying to sell.

  • Back taxes: We’ll provide strategies that will help deal with property taxes and IRS tax problems.
  • HOA Liens: We can cover unpaid assessments, late fees, and additional charges.
  • Mechanics Lien: If you have debt with contractors, we have solutions to handle the debt associated with them.
  • Title Problems: We’ll clear up your title so that it’s fit to sell, covering bank, deed, survey and fraudulent title issues.
  • Foreclosures: If your house is under threat for foreclosure, we can help restore ownership to you.

If you have liens placed on your home, it might be time to give Sell My House Houston Pros a call. We’ve helped thousands of families across Houston with liens on their property, so they move forward with their lives.



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