Terry Hershey Park, Houston

Terry Hershey Park, off of Memorial Drive in Houston, is 500 acres of beautiful greenery crisscrossed with the occasional hiking or biking trail. Local residents flock here for many months of the year to experience its outstanding amenities and verdant outdoors. It is a favorite place to walk, jog, or cycle to escape the hustle and bustle of West Houston. As a matter of fact, fresh air and exercise are some of the top reasons why visitors to Terry Hershey Park return again and again.

The Terry Hershey Park is long and narrow, running adjacent to the Buffalo Bayou for about seven miles. The network of trails is extensive, and each is either paved to indicate walking and jogging routes, or dirt for mountain biking routes. It is a little piece of wild nature in the heart of West Houston, and visitors make good use of having such a fabulous outside attraction so close by. The park has been described by some local fans as an urban gem.

The pathways in the park are easy to walk on, with plenty of benches along the way for stopping to catch your breath. The pleasant surroundings make it difficult to believe that there is a busy metropolis buzzing along only a few miles away! The park has clear signage to show newcomers where to go if they become confused when strolling along the lightly wooded areas. There is sufficient ambient lighting available, allowing use of the trails and underpasses up until full nighttime, but after that carrying a flashlight or an illuminated smart device is recommended to show you the way.

There are a few children’s play areas and lots of trash cans. Keep your camera handy for unexpected appearances of turtles, rabbits, snakes, squirrels, and ducks. And if you have a dog, there are watering spots on hand.

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